Good location and friendly staff - thank you for the hospitality (Tripadvisor review)
Good location and friendly staff - thank you for the hospitality (Tripadvisor review)

A warm welcome

Our team

The Tourist Hotel is a small, family run, individual hotel with 35 rooms managed since 1987 by Margrit Schuepbach & Ernesto Roth.
Together with their loyal and highly motivated team they are dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of The Tourist guests!

Team des Tourist Hotels

Our history

The early history of the Tourist Hotel goes way back to the 19th century.

The Catholic Youth Association Luzern was founded in 1891. It’s role was to serve as a meeting place for apprentices, students and young office workers.

In 1900 the group bought a large plot of land in a former market garden on St. Karli-Quai and in 1904 built a corporation house in the new baroque style for the Catholic Youth Association.

Today, this is home to offices of Church Organisations as well as the main headquarters of Jungwacht Blauring. The lower floors house the Business and Hotel Management School, BHMS (see Nr 1).

In 1931 a new building was added to the west of the original building (see Nr 2). The four-storey building with its flat roof was a clear affirmation of Modernism.

Between 1944 and 1977 the housekeeping of this building was managed by the Franciscans of Guggenbach.

Thereafter, the Swiss Student Travel Office (SSR) took over responsibility for the building and ran it as a cheap hostel for students and young tourists.

The Tourist Hotel was born!

In response to the changing demands of our international guests over the years, all of the rooms have been totally renovated and transformed into a modern 3 star hotel and presented under the new name:

City & River Hotel Lucerne

Historisches Gebäude des Toursit Hotels